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SUNDAY, MAY 06, 2007

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Big Tom here was King of the “Killing Fields.” Beard 10 1/2″ Spurs 1 1/4″ and sharp. Wt approx 20lbs– Shot at 100 yds with an Assault rifle–AR-15. Should have taken a picture of the gun!!


Our FBF naturalist found this beatuiful coyote sleeping in the forest. He has consulted many profesionals on how to care for Coyotes. Some have even said he is a “coyote wisperer.” Notice how he demonstrates the proper way to hold a sleeping coyote.cyote-739076


Froggy bottom farm labor day 06 009-753602
It has been another increadable trip to Froggy Bottom Farm for Labor Day 2006. We have been riding Plasma cars, shelling Buckeyes, playing mini-tennis, catching bugs, reading fairy stories, muscrat watching, carp fishing, and of course eating great food with lemon cream sherbert for desert. Matt has continued to perfect the MSC and all the grand kids have been sleeping on blow up beds in Mur-Lily and Papa-Doc’s room.

Froggy bottom farm labor day 06 012-713770
Got Papa-Doc smoothie?

Froggy bottom farm labor day 06 008-764276
Lily and some of her friends.

Froggy bottom farm labor day 06-765568
The rationing of lemon cream sherbert.

Froggy bottom farm labor day 06 011-750630
Our two girls.

Froggy bottom farm labor day 06 004-717501
Whit and Stephen trying their luck.

Froggy bottom farm labor day 06 010-767154
Jimmy the dead eye.

Froggy bottom farm labor day 06 006-737279

Froggy bottom farm labor day 06 005-785959
A Gator ride.

Froggy bottom farm labor day 06 001-770370
Carp on!

Froggy bottom farm carp 06-756718
James and carp.

Froggy bottom farm labor day 06 003-775913
Where is the corn pop?

Froggy bottom farm labor day 06 013-780238
The release of the carp.



Froggy bottom farm carp 06 009-769896
The Dana’s Carp fishing.

Froggy bottom farm carp 06 011-719918
First time carp fishing, and success. Over 10 lbs. Caught 3.


Muscrat fact #2:
When muskrats are in distress they go into a spiral. Our Naturalist has witnessed this behavior on numerous ocassions.

Froggy bottom farm 06 001-758900
Froggy Bottom Farm AKA “FBF” has a new naturalist in charge of maintaining the ecological balance of FBF. We can tell you that he was not class president and was voted in school most likey to kill things. For hunting and fishing information @ FBF please call 1-800-328-7448.



Froggy bottom farm 06-721464
Still Hollow Mushrooms and Princeses can be found @ Froggy Bottom Farm.

Muskrat Fact # 1

After floods muskrats become very busy critters. They can be found swimming about during the day rebuilding their homes.

SUNDAY, JULY 30, 2006


By the river-732640

Three generations of Nuckolls by the New River @ Froggy Bottom Farm. This picture will appear in the National Wildlife Federation magazine. The article will discuss Farm Bill conservation programs in the Forest Legacy Program. Froggy Bottom Farm has been nominated for the Forest Legacy Program.


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